The best parther


We thank you deeply for your unwavering interest
and support.

One, TOPTECH will be a company that always stays close to its customer.
One, TOPTECH will create the future with its customer.

After its foundation in 2008 under the company motto of “Change, Progress, Respect”, TOPTECH has walked along side its customers with a sense of duty in contributing to finding new markets around the globe and developing Korean economy through technology development and innovations in quality.

Through creative thinking and an ideology of responsible management, we are designing and manufacturing parts for automotive production systems and industrial machines. At the same time, we aim to manufacture automotive parts of better quality at a cheaper price.

Believing that ‘technological prowess is competitiveness’, TOPTECH is making great efforts to improve technological prowess of its own.

TOPTECH is trying its best to firmly position itself as a company that receives the trust of its customers.

Furthermore, we will take the lead in making a healthy society through win-win cooperation. We will actively take part in CSR activities related to supporting vulnerable social groups and creating new jobs in order to become a company that serves as a foundation of a world where people can live happily with one another.

We will try our best to become more than a good company and become a beloved and a respected company. We hope that your interest and love will continue to be with us in the new leap TOPTECH will take.

CEO Jeon Gyutae